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Ok, maybe it's time for that:

This LJ is semi-friend.
All fangirl-stuff will be open, flailing and giggling and pery - you know... due to the recent happenings - I will close up much more than I did before... it's sad but inevitable
sometimes it's also about Japan, Japanese politics, (bad) entertainment stuff, Yakuza... we will see - I've got dozens of tags... brows trough it and you will see ^_^
All personal-stuff will be locked. And I am only be-friending whom I know for a while through postings or "talking".

I am a nice one. Really, ask the others...


The Digitalian is here~
It arrived! Finally after four weeks The Digitalian reached me...
the first round of listenng was on my bicycle on the way to work& back
the second time while lying on my couch & scribbling along my thoughts:

here they are~ condenced after two, occacionally three or four hearings

took me three hours & I guess it's full of writing mistakes but bear with me ^_^ step by stepCollapse )

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damn it! I've done it! I completed my PhD!

on tuesday I had my disputation - which means a presentation about a new subject (not my PhD-subject) and one hour of getting grilled about it afterwards

I was good.

so now, ladies, I am DONE!!!!

(ok, I have to publish my PhD before I am allowed to call myself Dr. phil. - but I don't have to say "NO" when you call me Dr. phil. ;P )



years of tears and anxiety and nervous breakdowns... over & end - I finished ^^

how I said it on fb: BoomchakaYeah!!

Twiter-fund to honour Tha J-sama
that's basically Arashi

a plane got hit by a lightning while passing a rainbow


(I hope all are safe)

with this & my just finished LOVE-con-DVD I honour J's birthday (although it's too early here in Berlin but I won't have time tomorrow)

also: things happened, but nothing seriously interesting, maybe I come back tomorrow or later and report

watching Ongaku no Chikara & then SHE happens
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Ohashi Junko 大橋純子

this is the song from the show:



I was already teary from Jun's special and her voice was like going directly into my heart ♥

this is a live-radio show with her from 1977

I need to find some stuff from & about her~

I got tagged XD
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yesterday I wrote on fb how handwritten-tag-memes are the new thing on Twitter~ kinda meta-writing on a new level

and BAM I got tagged & BAM here I do my share (although on lj not twitter) ♥
as everybody I hereby complain about my handwriting and feel appropriate ashamed about it's messiness (oh, please ignore any misspellings) eta I hope the people tagged can read the are tagged & everybopdy else join in as well if you want


for life outside: I am mess because I have to write employment applications for jobs I am not even sure if I want to have them but am afraid if I don't write them I won't get any kind of job at all...

but I get used to be a teacher for German as a foreign language, which is a good training for my dream-job but nothing I want to do for life

I found this really interesting - especially for our writer-folks here <3
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an article about Japanese and Western (or rather English speaking Western - I come to explain why I think it's not western in general in the lower paragraph) sholary writing differs and why:

Why Japanese and English Speakers Argue So Differently - it's from Tofugu, a side I really learned to enjoy since they cover a wide range of topics about Japan, japanese language, life and lifestyle... written by a lot of different people

Why I think it's different from a German point of view:
German writing is somewhere in between, trying to get closer to the English but is kinda stuck since the art of teaching rhetoric & writing style hasn't reached Germany until recently (I'm not talking about specific schools but in general)... it's basically trial & error, with lots of error in the beginning. also: Germans (at least sholars) tend to work deductive not inductive - which needs a different kind of approach to their written works
BUT I wanna strengthen the idea, that we have to learn from different writing traditions, not only try to imitate one. I am a e.g. a fan of twists even in academical or non-fictional writing and also to strengthen a new further looking point in the conclusion. Since I do believe a thought is always only thought until the certain point by one mind.

What do you think? How about other languages and cultures? How about other traditons of writing and arguing?

Teach me!

Look what arrived!
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and for whatever stupid telephon-reasin just has to stand on top...



talking about 1980th/early 1990th
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love this song - Rebecca - フレンズ

I am all sentimental today
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just discovered my love for Ozaki Yutaka 尾崎 豊

who died an early dead in 1992 (naked, in a small back alley, lungs filled with water...) - reading his lyrics while listening to the songs makes you wonder about the natural-death-thing (yes it was labeled like that)

I searched for videos which include the lyrics but his live-stuff is just plain sexy so I choose a variation from both [video-spam]

anyway - this guy was wonderful at writing music! and singing it! was god damn good-looking!

some kitsch but with tso much heart I am about to believe it and be sentimental

but he's also a 1980th rocker (for which I have a secret affection)

ok, this one is plain cool, the song, the video, the whole guy with this smirk of him - Setsugyo (Graduation)

and my secnd loved song after Setsugyo 15 no yoru (the 15th night)

and I could go on and on... but first I need to get at least one of his albums for myself ♥

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